Our Facility

Customers visiting our new manufacturing facility constantly remark about how clean and bright it is. We believe that you can not manufacture a quality product in a dirty cluttered shop. Designed to maximize work flows and safety, our facility is capable of manufacturing multiple jobs simultaneously while insuring the attention to detail and quality our customers have grown to expect.

Our Multicam 5000 CNC router is the workhorse of our operation. Once jobs are designed and released for production, they are output to this machine that cuts and fabricates each part of the cabinet case down to the last pre-taped screw hole. Accurate to 1/512 of an inch each part is perfectly cut so that once assembled it matches the client’s specifications
guaranteeing a perfect fit every time.

From our hot glue edgebander to our 43” wide beltsander, bank of shapers, planers, table and cut-off saws each are maintained and calibrated regularly to insure the best of results in fabricating each part of your cabinets. Once each part is fabricated, the parts are assembled on our final assembly tables and inspected for quality before passing to our finishing room and final assembly area. Our parallel finishing facility has two spray rooms with redundant spray systems that allows two jobs with different finish requirements to be done simultaneously.

Our master finishers pride themselves on the quality of the finishes they can produce in a clean contaminant free environment. Once finished the hinges slides and hardware is installed in the final assembly area. It is at this point that final quality checks are made before wrapping and preparing the shipment for delivery and installation.